John Perry UKIP Havant Parliamentary Candidate General Election 2017

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This is the web site for John Perry, the adopted UKIP candidate for the Havant Parliamentary Constituency for the 8th June General Election.

Havant Brexit Background

UKIP and I support the UK cleanly leaving the EU. I promise to fully support Theresa achieve a Clean Brexit.

Havant Conservatives are committed remainers: Alan Mak MP wrote an open letter to constituents confirming that after an in depth analysis, he would vote "REMAIN", which he did.

Havant Conservatives in Full Council on 13 April 2016 (see page v), struck out a UKIP Motion to debate the EU Referendum.

After the EU Referendum in another UKIP Motion on 26 Oct 2016 (see page 9, marked page 3), the four UKIP Councillors were the only councillors voting to stop the EU Flag being displayed in the Council chamber.

The "REMAIN" Conservatives and Labour voted to retain the displaying of the EU Flag.

UKIP Manifesto

You may read the manifesto here

UKIP on Radio Solent

Hear Mike Fitzgerald Portsmouth North Candidate on Radio Solent 25 May 17; views identical to John's.

John's Brexit Position

Your UKIP parliamentary candidate, is committed to a Clean Brexit with:

  • Parliament having absolute supremacy over all laws.
  • Britain must resume absolute and full control of its immigration.
  • The UK must resume complete control of its maritime exclusive economic zone.
  • The UK must retake its seat on the World Trade Organisation.
  • There must be no final settlement payment to the EU.
  • The Brexit process completed by the end of 2019.

For further details see Brexit.

The Tories will keep the UK under the ECHR jurisdiction for 7 more years; UKIP says exit by the end of 2019.

UKIP are the only party in Havant that supports the Havant and UK Referendum result to LEAVE.

Death and Dementia Tax

I oppose the extra Tory stealth #DeathTax and #DementiaTax that unfairly targets those unfortunate to be afflicted by the disease. Why rightly provide free cancer treatment but punish and tax those with dementia?

Cllr John Perry

Committed to

"Serving Havant Better"

As a qualified accountant with extensive business experience, I am fully committed to implementing the wishes of Havant Residents to deliver a clean Brexit and drive policies to benefit the many, and not the few.

Having helped numerous residents with unfair car parking charges, I am committed to helping business and residents and not my own self-promotion.


UKIP has always believed in free NHS treatment to UK citizens at the point of need and use and that social and hospital care should come under the same management structure.

Cuts to social care and the closure of 2 A&E units have led to bed blocking at QA Hospital and up to 20 ambulances queued up needed to transfer patients who need the beds to be treated.


I want a fairer distribution of cash to Havant to improve Havant schools and to lift them from the bottom in the country with just 17% of students applying to university.

Fox Hunting & Animals

I would vote against the Tory proposal to repeal the Act banning fox hunting and I commit to supporting legislation banning live animal exports for slaughter and caging.

Solent WASPI

I support the Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) Group since pensions equality was implemented too abruptly, so unfairly affect women born in the 1950s.

Poor treatment of doctors

Two-thirds of young hospital doctors under serious stress, survey reveals

Trainee anaesthetists complain of fatigue, disillusionment, ‘burnout’ and fears for patients’ safety as pressure mounts on NHS.

For more information please:

See Guardian Article


Doctors working 70+ hours a week and put under incredible strain.

Making patients wait

Crisis in the NHS: the waiting goes on and on as the Conservatives close wards and hospitals so leading to record waiting times in hospital accident and emergency wards such as Queen Alexandra hospital in Cosham serving Havant residents.

For more information please:

See Guardian Article


The effect of the closure of 2 out of 3 A&E departments serving Havant has led to:

  • Queued up ambulances at QA.
  • The cancellation of elective operations
  • Bed blocking preventing treatment
  • Inadequate emergency cover.

Havant school funding cuts

UKIP believes we must invest in our children's education and spend more. However, the Conservatives are cutting teachers and funding.

Riders Infant School in Havant will lose £196,153, 17% of their funding and six teachers. Check your school below:

For more information please:

See School Cuts Website


Conservatives are cutting funding for Havant and Hayling Island Schools. UKIP believe this is unacceptable and that more investment is particularly needed in areas of deprivation and poor performing schools.

Havant Housing Policy

The Conservatives are having built a minimum of 11,250 houses in Havant and at least 1,500 on Hayling Island focusing of mainly Green-field sites that are not affordable for local residents.

UKIP wants affordable houses built for Havant residents on brownfield sites.

If residents keep voting Conservative, house building policies will not change.


Conservatives want to build on all available Green-fields in Havant and fill the Emsworth-Havant gap. Vote UKIP, it is not too late to halt the destruction of all our Green Fields.

The EU is proposing to deny the UK control over fishing rights

MEPs have drafted seven demands to be included in a Brexit deal, including “no increase to the UK’s share of fishing opportunities” and “maintaining the existing quota distribution in UK and EU waters”

For more information please:

See Briebart article


UKIP's policy is to ensure that the UK's fishing rights are not surrendered.

Havant Students failed, UKIP demands fairer funding

Pupils in Havant are the least likely in the country to apply to further education, with just 17.4% putting in bids to UCAS.

Situation exacerbated by Tory funding cuts to Havant schools.

For more information please:

See Portsmouth News feature


UKIP demands that the Conservatives halt funding cuts to Havant schools and invest in Havant students' future.