John Perry UKIP Havant Parliamentary Candidate General Election 2017

Alan Mak Scrutiny

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Alan Mak and Brexit

Alan Mak is a committed remainer and he wrote an open letter to constituents confirming that after an in depth analysis, he would vote "REMAIN", which he did.

Candidate Selection

The September 2014 Conservative Selection Process is examined, and questions are asked about the procedure.

Alan Mak CV

The Conservative Party Approved CV of Alan Mak that was distributed at the public meeting and which let to Alan Mak being adopted as the candidate. There are inconsistencies on the CV; can you find any more?

CV Analysis

Here the claims that are made on the CV are scrutinised with: FRSA designation; Daily Telegraph quotes; ConsHome quotes; management positions; and University Board membership claims are disputed.

Entrepreneur Scrutiny

Alan Mak claimed that Spirepoint Global Limited, of which he remains the CEO, that:

"We provide strategic advice and growth capital to some of the world's most successful and exciting organisations and entrepreneurs"

These claims and the financial records of Fitzgerald Partners are examined.

Media Scrutiny

The scrutiny my the media of the claims Alan Mak has made on his CV and while electioneering are examined.

Havant Cons Questions

There are questions that need answers to from the Chairman of the Havant Conservative Association.